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How to Use Pomade the Right Way – Do you want to learn how to use Pomade? Let’s talk about this hair product and how you can use it correctly. Pomade is a popular hairstyling product that can be used to make your hair look more stylish. While traditional pomades are very slick and oil based, modern pomades are easier to wash out and they can give your hair a lighter hold. It doesn’t matter whether you want to have shiny hair or messy hair, pomades should be used if you want to make the hair look better.

How to Use Pomade the Right Way
How to Use Pomade the Right Way

How to Use Pomade – A Step By Step Guide

Take a good look at our tips below. Learning how to use pomade is not difficult and you can use our tips here.

Choose the Right Pomade

As we have mentioned earlier, you have two options as you can choose between water based and oil based pomades. Each choice has its own benefits. Water based pomades are not as strong as the oil based pomades, but they can maintain flexibility so that your hair can be styled throughout the day. Oil based pomades are more expensive, but they are strong. This type offers a much stronger hold.

A Matte Pomade VS a Sheen Pomade

Choose the sheen pomades if you want to get more shine for your hair. This sheen pomade is also suitable for those who have dry hair. If you want to get less shine, then the matte pomade is a good choice.

Wash Your Hair

To get the best result, you may want to wash your hair first before applying pomades to your hair. You can wash your hair with shampoo so that you can start applying the pomades with fresh hair.

Keep the Hair Damp

When using pomade, you must know that pomade works great when it is styled in the hair that is slightly damp. Once you have washed your hair, you can dry the hair with a towel before styling your hair. By keeping your hair damp, it allows the pomades to mix into your hair. In addition, your hair will look great when it dries.

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Start with a Very Small Amount

Another important tip that you must know when applying the pomade is to start with a very small amount. You can add more as you go. If you use very hard pomade, then you can heat it up first so that you can use it.

Use Your Fingers

When applying pomades to your hair, make sure not to get the pomade onto your scalp. The main reason is that it can make your hair look very greasy. It is also bad for the natural oils found on your scalp.

Pomade can be applied to various hair types thus it doesn’t matter whether you have short, medium or long hair. If you have long hair, then pomade can be used to create unique styles. These are some basic tips that can save your time so that you know how to use pomade without making mistakes.

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