How to Use BB Cream

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How to Use BB Cream Garnier – If you want to learn how to use BB cream, then there are some ways that you can choose. Let me tell you that face makeup comes in many different varieties and one of them is the BB creams. What makes BB creams become so popular? BB creams are great for days if you don’t need a lot of coverage.  If you have never used BB creams, you must know that they can do a lot of different things. There is no denying that BB creams are awesome, but if you have no idea how to use these creams, check our guides below.

How to Use BB Cream Garnier
How to Use BB Cream Garnier

How to Use BB Cream – Tips for Beginners

Check our tips below so that you can learn how to use BB cream correctly.

Choose the Right BB Cream

The first step is to choose the right BB creams as every BB creams can offer different effects. Check what effects they can offer before purchasing these creams. However, most of these BB creams come with some properties such as skin whitening, moisturizing, tinting the skin, and anti-aging components. Don’t forget that you must buy the BB creams from a reputable company.

Don’t Forget to Read Reviews First

As we have said earlier that you must BB creams from a reputable company. However, it is also important that you read reviews first before buying the cream.

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Choose the Best BB Cream that Suits Your Skin Type

It is obvious that you must choose the BB creams that suit your skin type. A BB cream that comes with a matte finish works great for women who have oily skin. For those who have natural skin, then moisturizing BB creams would be a great choice. A BB cream that comes with a water consistency is suitable for women who have dry skin.

Choose the Right Tones

When looking for the best BB creams, make sure that you choose the tone that matches your skin tone. Try to compare the tone of your face and neck. It is the easiest way to find the right tone.

Ask for a Sample

Don’t be afraid to ask a sample when buying BB creams. You can wear it around during the day and check whether it is the right cream or not. What you must know is that lighting can make a difference, thus it may not give you an accurate idea of how it looks when the cream is applied to your skin. The best idea is to wear the cream in a variety of settings for a few hours.

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Should You Apply the BB Cream with Your Fingers?

You must know when and why to use your fingers when applying BB creams. For example, if you apply the cream with fingers, it may produce a less smooth result. The best way to apply BB creams is to use a sponge or brush.

Overall, learning how to use BB cream is not difficult if you read our tips here.

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