How to Use a Flash Drive

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Learn How to Use a Flash Drive Correctly – If this is your first time using a flash drive, you may want to know how to use a flash drive correctly. A USB flash drive is a portable storage device in which you can use it on any computer. If you have this one and you are not sure how to use it, then we can help you. Check our tips below and start putting the device to work.

Learn How to Use a Flash Drive Correctly
Learn How to Use a Flash Drive Correctly

How to Use a Flash Drive – Easy Tips for Beginners

Check our tips below so that you know how to use a flash drive without making any mistake.

Find the USB Port

If you use a flash drive on the Windows computer, then the first thing that you must do is to find a USB port. Note that the post is usually located on the back panel or the sides. A desktop computer has front ports, thus it shouldn’t be a difficult task to find the port. It is also possible that the ports are hidden by the flap.

Insert Your USB Drive into the Port

If you want to use the USB flash drive frequently, then it is better that you insert the device into the front port. Keep in mind that you must insert the device into the correct port. Some laptops and desktop computers have different ports. For example, you can find USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

Another thing that you must know is that the USB drive inserts one way, thus if you realize that it can’t be inserted, there is no need to force it in. Try to turn the device upside down. Once you have inserted the device, your operating system will install the driver automatically. You may see the notification about this in the bottom right corner.

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You may encounter an issue when inserting the flash drive. For example, if your operating system is not able to identify the device, then the device won’t be recognized and you can’t use it. The solution is to visit the manufacturer’s official website and download the drivers.

Note if the AutoPlay Window is not disabled, then the device will list some options available once you have inserted the device.

Find the File that You Want to Copy

If everything works well, then you can find the file that you want to copy. Copying files from your computer to the flash drive is easy. Simply copy and paste them into your flash drive. Another solution is to click and drag them. You must wait for the transfer to complete and it may take several minutes.

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How to Remove the Flash Drive Safely

Another important thing that you must know is to learn how to remove the device safely. To remove the device, simply locate the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the system tray which is located on the bottom right of the screen. Choose the device that you want to remove from the list of devices. Once you have clicked the device, there is a notification that the device is safe to remove from the port.

These are some tips that may help you the next time you want to learn how to use a flash drive.

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