How to Make a Heart Out of Paper

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How to Make a Heart Out of Paper – There is no need to waste your time if you want to learn how to make a heart out of paper. In fact, there are some simple ways available if you want to make hearts from paper. These hearts can be used for various purposes. For example, they can be used for decorations, ornaments, and gifts. What we like is that they are simple to make, thus it won’t take a lot of time. Making hearts from the paper is also a great project for kids too.

How to Make a Heart Out Of Paper Step by Step
How to Make a Heart Out Of Paper Step by Step

How to Make a Heart Out of Paper – A Step by Step Guide

Simply follow our steps here and you can learn how to make a heart out of paper easily. You don’t have to waste your time making some silly mistakes. In this tutorial, we are going to make a paper heart chain.

Create a Line of Hearts from a Single Piece of Paper

Your main goal is that you can create a line of hearts from a single piece of paper. In other words, you will create a line of identical hearts in which they are all connected together. Since the project is easy, it would be a great project for your kids.

Find a Piece of Paper

Prepare a piece of paper and you can pick any size of paper. The best choice is that you must use a standard letter size. You can also choose a color that you like the most. Simply fold and unfold the sheet of paper. Cut the paper so that you can divide it into two even halves.

Fold the Strip Accordion Style

Now you need to start from one short end of the paper. Simply fold the strip back-and-forth. If you use a standard letter size, then you can create a chain of about 4 hearts. Now you need to fold the paper over once. The next step is that you must fold the two-layer thick edge of the paper on the next fold. You must repeat this procedure until the entire strip has been folded up.

Draw Half a Heart on the Top Fold

Please note that the middle of the heart that you draw should face the folded side of the top segment. Make sure that the edge is not completely outlined.

Cut Around the Outline

Now you need to cut around the outline of the half heart. It would be better if you use sharp scissors when doing this procedure.

Unfold the Chain

The next step is that you can reveal a chain of connected hearts by unfolding the segments.

Trim Off Excess Paper

To get a better result, it is important that you trim off excess paper. You may notice that there will be extra paper after the last heart. By removing them, this incomplete heart won’t affect the final look of the heart chain.

Decorate the Heart Chain

The last step is that you can decorate the heart chain. There are many ways to decorate the heart chain. For example, you can add stickers, glitter, or paint. We hope that our tutorial would help you a lot if you want to know how to make a heart out of paper.

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