How to Draw a Rose the Easy Way

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Learn How to Draw a Rose the Easy Way – If you think that learning how to draw a rose is difficult, then you must read our tutorial here. What do you know about roses? Well, they are often referred to as the symbol of love and romance. Roses are beautiful and if you want to create one, make sure that you read the rest of our tips here.

How to Draw a Rose the Easy Way
How to Draw a Rose the Easy Way

How to Draw a Rose the Easy Way

Take a good look at our easy tutorial here and learn how to draw a rose the easy way. In this tutorial, we are going to draw a full bloom rose. It is easy and you don’t have to be an expert if you want to draw a beautiful rose.

Draw a Small Circle

The first step is that you must draw a circle. Simply draw a small freehand circle. Make sure that it is located in the center of the page. The circle will be used as the center of the rose.

Add another Irregular Oval Shape

Once you have drawn a circle, it is time to add another irregular oval shape at a diagonal base. Make sure that you add the oval shape above the first circle.

Create the Second Petal

Now you need to join a curved line from the small circle that you have drawn before to the oval shape. Make sure that you complete the first set of petals around the center. Simply join another curved line to the above.

Draw the First Spiral

Now you need to draw the first spiral. Drawing the first spiral is easy. Simply draw the first spiral around the previous picture that you have made. It allows you to draw the second row of petals.

Create a Bigger Outer Irregular Curve

The next step is that you must create a bigger outer irregular curve. Simply engulf the earlier row of petals. It allows you to create the third row of petals.

Add Wavy Lines

Now you need to add the wavy lines by joining further petals of the rose. Don’t forget that you must draw the extreme outer petal of the rose.

Add Details to Your Rose

You can also add details to your rose by adding leaves and petals.

Color the Rose

This is the last step that you need to do so that you can create a beautiful rose. Simply choose red as the main color and use green for the leaves. Don’t forget that you can also add appropriate shades to your rose.


This is the easiest way that you can consider if you want to draw a rose. Of course, there are also other ways available. For example, you can draw a rose with the stem. But if you are looking for the easiest way to draw a rose, then our tutorial here should be considered. Once you have read our tutorial, we hope that you can use your own imagination so that you can get a better result. Now you already know how to draw a rose and it is time to apply our tips.

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