French Cottage Garden Design

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Things You Must Know when Using a French Cottage Garden Design – If you want to use a French cottage garden design, then there are some basics that you must first. A French landscape is also known as a formal landscape and it is so popular due to its versatility. If you want to achieve the French garden style, then you must know the main principles of the French garden design.

French cottage garden design
French cottage garden design

What Makes a French Garden so Popular?

Let me tell you that a French garden is a garden of many faces. The garden ranges from green and serene to colorful plots. These elements represent the heart and soul of France. Once you have learned why it is so popular and lots of homeowners want to use this design, it is time to learn how you can apply the design. Check our tips below.

Make Outdoor Features Visible by Indoors

If you live an apartment, then you can consider installing a window box at eye level. If you have a yard, don’t forget to plant a flowering tree in a spot that you can see it every day. Some of the most important characteristics of the French garden design are symmetry and order. Your garden is meant to be viewed from a distance. Due to this reason, design and form play a major role when designing a French cottage garden.

Use a Mix of Softer Plantings and Border Colors

Another fact that you must know about a French garden is that the design is more informal. It still follows the basic principles. If you want to create a French cottage garden, the first thing that you can do is to use a mix of border colors and softer plantings. Keep in mind that a French garden requires far more maintenance. If you don’t have a lot of time to keep the garden in shape, this French cottage garden design is not the right choice for you.

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Use Stone Terraces and Gravel Paths

There are some important elements that must be used when designing a French garden. Some of these elements are gravel paths and stone terraces. One of the easiest ways to start your landscape is to use a gravel path. The gravel can be used to define the path area. Don’t forget to remove the unwanted plant material. Make sure that you have some free time so that you maintain the garden regularly.

Design the Planting Beds

Speaking of the French style, you must also know that it is a study in geometry. When dealing with the planting beds, you must choose the right shapes for the planting beds.  Make sure that the planting beds are clearly defined. When dealing with shapes, you are allowed to mix and match.


A French garden is a great choice that you can consider if you want to have a beautiful garden. The most important part that you must know when choosing a French cottage garden design is that it requires far more maintenance than a natural garden.