Drought Tolerant Garden Designs

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Drought Tolerant Garden Designs for Beginners – Knowing about drought tolerant garden designs can help you a lot if you want to make a beautiful garden. For those who live in an area in which water conversation is a high priority, then these designs are very helpful. Another situation is if you want to make a garden and you want to choose low-water gardens, then there are some ideas which can be considered. Check some ideas that we have listed below.

Drought tolerant landscape design plans
Drought tolerant landscape design plans

Best Drought Tolerant Garden Designs for Your Inspiration

Take a good look at some smart drought tolerant garden designs that we have listed here. These ideas are fresh and modern, thus they can help you design your garden even if water conservation is not your main priority.

Replace Your Grass with Stone and Gravel

The first idea that you can try is to replace your grass with stone and gravel. By using stone and gravel, you can give your garden a contemporary look. The best part is that your garden is still low maintenance and it requires zero water.

Use Artificial Grass for Your Garden

If you don’t want to replace your grass with stone and gravel, then there is another solution that you can try. Artificial grass can be used to replace your grass. We know that grass is the largest water waster in the yard. It is also known as the most high maintenance item. If you use grass, you need to deal with other tasks such as fertilizing, aerating, mulching, and re-seeding. By choosing artificial grass, you don’t have to deal with tasks mentioned above. You can find some realistic artificial grass options available out there.

Use Ornamental Grasses

There are some types of grasses that are drought-tolerant, thus they are great for a low-water garden. Some of these types include Blue Oatgrass, Little Bluestem, Purple fountain grass, Pampas grass, and Blue Fescue. Don’t forget that you must mix it up when planting grasses. You can also use tall and short grass. To make your garden look more beautiful, try to add some colorful grasses too.

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Use Perennials for Your Garden

Some homeowners know that flowers are important when designing a garden. If you are one of them and you can’t live without flowers, then you can use perennials as a solution. Perennials are sturdier and the best part is that they require less water. By choosing perennials, you can ensure that your garden is still low maintenance. Some great examples that you can consider for your garden include Yarrow, Blanket flower, Lavender, Russian Sage, Salvia, and Kangaroo Paw.


Keep in mind that you don’t have to be an expert when designing a garden. There are some simple ideas which can be used if you want to create a beautiful garden. If you are busy, having a garden that is low maintenance is a must. Your first step is to choose the right types of grasses. Using some ideas and drought tolerant garden designs listed above, it is possible to create a beautiful garden that fits your needs.