The Best Contemporary Front Garden Design

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The Best Contemporary Front Garden Design Ideas for Your Modern Garden – Contemporary front garden design ideas can help you save a lot of time when designing a garden. Since the garden design is a personal thing, it is obvious that we want to find the right design that fits our personality. One of the most popular designs that you can try these days is a contemporary style. A contemporary style offers a sleek look for the outdoor space. If you want to apply this style, check our tips below.

Contemporary front garden design ideas
Contemporary front garden design ideas

Create a Sleek Look with Contemporary Front Garden Design Ideas

The following are some creative contemporary front garden design ideas that you can use if you want to achieve a sleek look for your garden.

Use Simple Colors

When designing a garden, using simple colors should be more than enough. You can use white and green as the main colors for your garden. These colors are a good base for your color scheme. Consider using pale limestone paving or gravel so that you can create paths or a patio area.

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Don’t forget to paint the brick walls and fences white. In fact, they can create an extra element of texture to your contemporary design.

Apply Repeat Patterns

There are some elements that can improve the overall look of the garden. One of these ideas is to use repeat patterns for your planting in your garden. Repeat patterns can hold the garden together. A row of box bushes, small trees, ornaments, and shrubs can be placed at regular intervals. By doing this step, you can create a timeless appeal for your garden.

Don’t Forget to Create Contrast

Creating contrast is one of the most fun parts that you don’t want to miss when decorating a garden. You can create a contrast between the simple geometric shapes of lawns and paths. You can also include some blousy planting.

Add Furniture and Ornaments

When adding furniture and ornaments, make sure that you choose natural materials. The main advantage of using natural materials is that they can provide another contrast to immaculate planting patterns.

Pay More Attention to the Lighting

Lighting is an important element that you shouldn’t ignore when decorating a garden. In fact, it is essential for contemporary gardens. Keep in mind that good lighting is all about what you light. Try to focus spotlights on some elements such as the textured brickwork, the battens, and the repeated patterns of planting.

Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point is one of the most basic principles that you must know when decorating a contemporary garden. A good garden design comes with a strong focal point that can draw the viewer’s eye. If you have no idea which focal point that you want to create, it could be anything from the waterfall, a contemporary planter, and a sculpture piece.

Don’t forget that a contemporary garden is a modern garden. You need to ensure that it is easy to maintain. These are some basic contemporary front garden design ideas that you can apply to your garden.